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Psychotherapeutic Mentoring
One-to-One Sessions

We often move past our emotions, as doing so may give us a sense of strength, when nobody is around to support us. 

Often we can make decisions that have been coloured by not letting ourselves really feel, and then not being content with our decisions.

Or perhaps we just feel something is wrong?

Emotions often go unnoticed. This can create a heavy build-up of feelings, which settle into our mind, body & soul. 


Psychotherapy offers a space to confidentially talk about what has happened, to experience being witnessed, perhaps for the first time & to experience being supported as you are heard. By voicing ourselves, we may better feel our emotions. This special relationship enables transformative qualities of awareness, emotional release and relief, and shifting into newer,  clearer capacity in life. 

Specialist Areas:

Abuse .  Addiction  .   Anxiety  .   Bereavement  .   Bi-Polar  .   

Childhood Sexual Abuse  .  Childhood Trauma  .   

Depression  .   Eating Disorders  .   Isolation  .  

The psychotherapy process opens up a space for new thought, new feelings & new words.

Clients are empowered  by discovering 'what really happened'.

This creates a safer, fuller, happier experience of life, based around integrity, honesty and self-esteem. Clients experience a stronger sense of self and their capabilities through the process of sharing & expressing their story 

How I work






Tools I use: 

Mindfulness . CBT . Gestalt . Two-Chair Therapy . Anger Management Therapy . Breathe Work . Shadow Work . 

'The Little Child' teachings

Phone Consultation

A confidential 30 minute phone consultation will allow you to talk about what's concerning you, and enable you to decide on next steps.

Please call or contact me below for your first line of contact.

Free of charge

One-to-One Sessions

I work on Skype & At my practice rooms.

When considering Skype-based therapy sessions, there are many positive aspects to consider, here are a few:

Skype is a surprisingly effective therapeutic space. It offers flexibility by being available (I offer support via email to follow up on sessions if needed), and it can travel with you wherever you go (so, travelling because of business is no problem for a session). It allows for absolute privacy, it is time and financially cost-effective saving on travel costs, travel time and energy. Skype enables you to have your therapy session in the comfort of a private space that you create. This can be during a lunch hour at work, at home, where ever you may be that is private. 

I have been a Skype-based practitioner since 2015. 

My practice rooms are in St Just, West Cornwall. 

Full salary: £65 per hour, £80 before 9am & after 5pm.
Cornwall salary: £45 per hour, £55 before 9am & after 5pm.
Concessions: £25 per hour 10am-4pm

To book a phone consultation, please fill in the contact form below or call me direct on 07751305143