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The Munay Ki -

9 Rites

Rite 1 - The Healer's Rites

This Rite launches the healing process at an energetic level. It awakens ones ability to heal so that as we heal we are able also to bring beauty to others.


Rite 2 -  Bands of Power

3-2 weeks after receiving the Bands of Power we begin to dismantle outdated forms of protection unconsciously introduced into our lives. They provide us with a luminous protection that allow us to walk fearlessly in the world.

Rite 3 - Harmony Rites
These seeds will begin to shift the heavy energies, residues of former lives, the residues of trauma that have settled in the walls of your chakras.

Rite 4 -  Seer's Rites

You will be able to perceive the world of energy that surrounds us. The seer is the witness that all spiritual traditions talk about. 

Rite 5 - Daykeeper's Rites

The daykeeper is able to call on the power of the great power places of the planet to heal and bring balance to the world. The day keepers are the protectors of Mother Earth. 

Rite 6 -  Wisdomkeeper's Rites

This rite reestablishes your relationships to the heavens and to the father. These rites are associated with the ice covered mountain peaks. 

Rite 7 -  Earthkeeper's Rites

Connection to the lineage of archangels that are guardians of our solar system.

Helps you dream the world into being.

Rite 8 - Starkeeper's Rites

After you receive this rite your physical body, your DNA, begins to evolve into that of Homo Luminous-  the ageing process slows down, and you become resistant to diseases you were once vulnerable to. After you receive these rites you acquire stewardship of the time to come.

Rite 9 - God Creator Rites

These are the rites that awaken your God nature. After receiving this rite you acquire stewardship for all of creation from the smallest grain of sand to the largest cluster of galaxies in the universe. 


Taster Day

The 1st Rite will be taught, given and exchanged. You will receive your Pi stone and time for integration will be given. 

This will be an opportunity to hear about the  journey of the Munay Ki Rites from the Quiero to Cornwall and the lineage that gifts them to humanity.


£35 Early Bird Booking 

until 19 January     


£40 Regular price                               

8 Rites 
Early Bird to 1st Feb      £280
Advance Block booking £315
9 Rites 
Advance Block Booking £350