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Incan Shamanic Tradition

The Inca Shamanic tradition has been preserved by the Quiero Shamans who for 500 years have lived in the breast of the sacred mountains of the high Andes. They are a peoples who escaped the Spanish Conquistadors by going into the mountains to protect their beliefs and culture. 

Theirs is a female - Earth-focused Shamanism, loving the human being for all its greatness in its gentle nature, seeing its valuable place in the great order of life. 

The Munay-Ki is a sacred gift to guide us through this time of great change, great fear and great need. In this time people are reaching out for guidance to deeper understanding, for better vision, better alignment, returning to the life force of Mother Earth, answering the inner call to stand up and ask for another way forward. 

The 9 Rites: 

Rite 1 - The Healer's Rite 

Rite 2 -  Bands of Power

Rite 3 - Harmony Rite

Rite 4 -  Seer's Rite

Rite 5 - DayKeeper's Rite

Rite 6 -  Wisdomkeeper's Rite

Rite 7 -  Earthkeeper's Rite

Rite 8 - Starkeeper's Rite

Rite 9 - Creator Rite