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Family Constellations

These are self-help, self-development workshops for those seeking cessation of repeating negative patterns or behaviours they cannot shift. 

 Living Planet Constellations  In today's world, grave concerns are being expressed about the macro-environment of our planet Earth, with fear of environmental collapse. 

Living Planet Constellations are opportunities to come and see for yourself, feel, witness & speak as Representatives of the forests, seas, rivers, flora, fauna, The Sun, The Moon and Mother Earth herself.  They are run as Blind Constellations, which means nobody knows what part they are representing until part way through. This means there are NO preconceptions, emotions felt or words spoken from the individual -  only the pure spirit part of the Living Planet being represented, is expressed.

"Its incredibly revealing, insightful and deeply moving to do this work" (Representative at 2018 constellation)

Family Constellations Men & women from our community, curious about their healing journey and keen to shift into what feels better, are invited to join in circle to assist the healing of ancestral painful entanglements affecting the individual and community today.

This work reveals what has long been forgotten in family history, as we invite ancestral lineages into the circle to be healed. Wounds or entanglements are carried by us, the living. Individuals from the circle who are invited to be Representatives have the opportunity to step into the 'Every Man' experience of soul wounding - 'Universal' soul wounds, their soul experiencing insight and shifts, while being in service to issues being brought forward by Issue Holders.

Issues: Inability to find, keep or hold relationships, serial infidelity, loss or termination of pregnancy, illness, difficulty being in life, financial turbulence, unexpected death or loss of parent or child, step-family or home land. 

How the Constellation works: At the start of the day we come together in a circle of those who support the work and those who bring an issue to be resolved. I will Facilitate the Constellation, starting with a brief interview with the Issue-Holder. They will then chose people from the group to represent members from their family line, who will then stand in the centre of the circle. This is the forming of the Constellation. Each member of the constellation begins to experience their relationship with the other members. As facilitator I ask whats happening and offer sentences that are seeking to voice whats true for the individuals concerned. They respond as we find the healing sentences that bring emotional shifts, resolution and eventually, peace to the system. The Constellation is then reshaped to bring the best alignment to all family members involved. 


What participants can expect after a workshop

Major shifts in energy, heart and mind

Releasing of stuck patterns


Re-union with distant family members

Renewed focus and direction in life

Insight, revelation & movement in soul healing


Each 1 day workshop offers 5 Issue-Holder places & 15 Representative places

(This is not family sculpting. Does not require interpretation or acting.)

This therapeutic modality, developed by Bert Hellinger in post-war Germany - as a priest, who, upon seeing the deeply disturbed flock he was leading, turned to psychotherapy for better understanding. Realising Psychotherapy was not enough, he encountered the ancestral teachings of the Kalahari Bushmen. Ultimately the work was channelled to him after the sequence of teachings had been opened up by him. It offers soul healing, governed by the Orders of Love.

Repeating issues are concerned with who or what has been lost:

* Early pregnancy through miscarriage or abortion * Financial * Partnership * Home * Home Land * Physical Health  *Marriage Intimacy * Early Infant Mortality * Family Member - sudden disappearance or death of * Incarceration * Murder * Suicide * War * 

Resulting Issues: Ill health, isolation, alcoholism, addictions, lack of support, financial repeating patterns, anger, fear, suicide attempt & much more. 

To request an Issue-Holder or Representative place at the next

Family or Living Planet Constellation workshop,

please contact me below or to register your interest for future workshops or to find out when the next workshop will be.