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Corona Virus


I am grateful to be able to help others with Corona Virus support  - since my own period of self-isolation with symptoms has come to an end. 

During this period I practiced what I offer as a psychotherapist, I applied shamanic medicine and I received guidance and healing from my team of angels & guides in spirit...
.....with good results -  which I can now share - making my
approach available as a structured support programme with my team of spirit guides to support recovery and best health to the public. This will be done solely through On-line contact during self-isolation periods. 
My personal daily self-medication practice consisted of mental healthcare observations and exercises throughout the 7 days of quarantine and healings. 

I am able to help through all 3 stages of the virus bringing emotional support and healing together with my team of spirit guides - a system that can support you through this crisis. 

I am able to offer support to anyone:


  • with Corvid 19 symptoms at any stage of the illness.

  • in a vulnerable group in self-isolation. 

  • suffering loss of a loved one due to Corvid 19.

  • at home in self-isolation.

  • in self-isolation with family or others at this time.

My Approach

I want the best for my client's wellbeing.

I believe clients can progress through therapy and be healed without years of guess-work. I work directly & to the point, compassionately embracing what is difficult & painful with gentle consideration & kindness.

I incorporate two main perspectives in the eye of my practice. The first is Psychotherapy - for the client, the art of being heard by self and other, being witnessed in the experience of the pain-body that has occurred over life, bringing in Mindfulness. 

The second perspective is the practice of cleaning up any energetic strings and attachments that are no longer needed in the energy fields. This is the work of the Shaman.

The combination creates a golden alchemy - a beautiful emergence into life.

For those who are serious about permanent genuine change.

About me

35 year personal healing enlightenment journey

10 year Shamanic Practitioner 

Training with Chris Luttichau

@ Northern Drum, 2010 - CURRENT

Individuals & Couples -SKYPE / Online / In Person Psychotherapist Trained with Spectrum, London, 2005

Family Constellations Workshops Facilitator, 

Professional Training

with Judith Hemming

@ Centre for Systemic Constellations, London, 2012

Nadia has helped me turn my life around for the better. I am full of gratitude towards her as I don’t think I would be in this newer authentic position without her patience and guidance. It feels like I have a mentor and guide to help me rediscover my emotions and navigate my path in the world. 

Laura M , Yoga Instructor, age 36