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Shamanic Approach to personal healing

I am here as a testament to 'the journey' that you may have heard of. I can tell you that such a journey brings answers to the questions: 'what is life for?' and 'why am I here on Earth?' 

Many have answered these questions with - 'its for having fun' or 'its for getting a job and settling down and having a family'. If that doesn't sound quite enough, then please read on. And if it does sound enough then you may find a different quality of fun here as you read on.

Welcome, I am Nadia Farah Hosein. 

I am delighted to introduce myself and tell you a bit about who I am and what I do. 

I have followed the call into a few professions (Lecturing in Humanities, Shamanism, Nurse, Psychotherapy, Architecture to name a few!) every step I was learning what is needed for the job I do today. Everything I learned is part of what I bring. Nothing has been wasted. 

9 sacred initiations of Incan Shamanic tradition brought forward to bring the world back into balance

We stand at the front of our line of ancestors. Receiving the gift of life & their support in manifesting our homes, partners & financial strength, we inherit their DNA & also their illnesses.

There are also invisible influences from their unresolved personal losses & traumas which often have enormous effect on our lives.

Discover & resolve the hidden dynamics behind repeated life difficulties in these group workshops, facilitated by Nadia Hosein

Anger . Couples . Trauma . Family . Relationship . Isolation . Depression . Incest . Mother / Father . Anxiety . Bereavement . Co-Dependence . Addiction and more

My Approach

I want the best for my client's wellbeing.

I believe clients can progress through therapy and be healed without years of guess-work. I work directly & to the point, compassionately embracing what is difficult & painful with gentle consideration & kindness.

I incorporate two main perspectives in the eye of my practice. The first is Psychotherapy - for the client, the art of being heard by self and other, being witnessed in the experience of the pain-body that has occurred over life, bringing in Mindfulness. 

The second perspective is the practice of cleaning up any energetic strings and attachments that are no longer needed in the energy fields. This is the work of the Shaman.

The combination creates a golden alchemy - a beautiful emergence into life.

For those who are serious about permanent genuine change.

This website is dedicated to the journey I took to heal my emotional wounds.
After 30 years on my quest, I am now over-joyed to step forward as a teacher, a coach & mentor to my fellow human brothers & sisters.

Here are a few basics to share with you from my journey:

I discovered that personal pain is referred to as wounding. 

The act of looking into the job of healing is called 'work'. 


Every individual has responsibility for dealing with their pain.

There is only one true route to making pain go away - that is through the pain. And we need support with this.

Pain stays trapped in the body for our whole life if we don't resolve it!

Trapped pain eventually creates illness!

Most people avoid their pain. 

Pain is mostly avoided by indulgence, addiction & staying numb. 

These choices lead us to increased difficulty in life.

The benefit of working on my pain was that it went away!


I found happiness. Life became meaningful and beautiful and an enrichened experience. 

As I did the work, my true self was released. It was as though my True Self had been held prisoner inside an armour coating of pain. 

Most of us believe that we are our thoughts....!

There are many areas of self that is wounded - this includes ancestrally, karmically, traumatically & behaviourally

About me

35 year personal healing enlightenment journey

10 year Shamanic Practitioner 

Training with Chris Luttichau

@ Northern Drum, 2010 - CURRENT

Individuals & Couples -SKYPE / Online / In Person Psychotherapist Trained with Spectrum, London, 2005

Family Constellations Workshops Facilitator, 

Professional Training

with Judith Hemming

@ Centre for Systemic Constellations, London, 2012

Nadia has helped me turn my life around for the better. I am full of gratitude towards her as I don’t think I would be in this newer authentic position without her patience and guidance. It feels like I have a mentor and guide to help me rediscover my emotions and navigate my path in the world. 

Laura M , Yoga Instructor, age 36