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Shamanic Holistic Medicine

We stand at the front of our line of ancestors. Receiving the gift of life & their support in manifesting our homes, partners & financial strength, we inherit their DNA & also their illnesses.

There are also invisible influences from their unresolved personal losses & traumas which often have enormous effect on our lives.

Discover & resolve the hidden dynamics behind repeated life difficulties in these group workshops, facilitated by Nadia Hosein

In these times of world devastation and sudden change in the political, social and ecological fields, Spirit is stepping up more visibly to actively engage, to align those who can hear the call to step forward into an army of Light Warriors. Spirit is Recruiting...

In response, I am stepping into service to bring together

three Shamanic workshops from my trainings in the North American Warrior tradition and the South American Incan Fire Traditions:

they are: Fire Ceremony in honour of Mother Earth and for All our communities in these extra-ordinary times. 

The Munay Ki transmissions

A monthly Shamanic Drum Circle

Despachio Fire Ceremony - Honouring Mother Earth and Manifesting the Dream of Life that we wish to Live.

The Munay Ki - the 9 Sacred Rites of the Incan Shamans - aligning our energy body for the best possible service

Shamanic Drum Circle - bringing a light to the centre of the community circle offering  guidance into the four directions, the four seasons, shamanic journey, power animal journey, working with drum and song. Strengthening our relationship to Mother Earth and Father Son. 

This will be a combination of Sun and Earth shamanic traditions

Anger . Couples . Trauma . Affairs . Family . Relationship . Isolation . Depression . Incest . Mother / Father . Anxiety . Bereavement . Co-Dependence . Addiction 

Freud teaches us, in dream analysis, that a house is representative of ourselves. The basement is the unconscious, the living space the area in which we manifest our daily lives, through the windows are what we see etc etc...

My professional strength is the ability to guide you to a new experience of a better life. Where things feel stagnant or are no longer working I work compassionately alongside you through everything thats going on. You could say Im an Interior Re-Designer for Human Beings!


I assist my client's to see whats going on in which 'room' and to guide them towards harmony & peace by clearing up what is cluttering their lives. We sort through everything and we focus on creating the life you want to live - which may include finding out what that may actually be! My service is about creating lives with purpose, direction and value.


My key tools in mentoring are - the psychotherapy process (Humanistic and Systemic), 10 years experience of clinical client process & my lenses forged as a humanities university lecturer.


Personal and social cultural change is fast happening, which can cause worry and feel unnerving. My service offers stability, insight, guidance and support through dynamic change for the next chapter. 

But before that can happen, we will look at whats going on now and what has to happen to change it....
I offer compassionate presence with feedback and support in privacy.

You will receive trusting, confidential support that offers safety throughout your process.

An opportunity to leave home and step into a deep healing Shamanic space. Experience a programme of healings created for you personally offering intensive focused work to get to the heart of core wounding to bring in best possible change.

Become the version of yourself who is free of emotional baggage

Plus Accommodation in the furthest West of Cornwall 

My Approach

I want the best for my client's wellbeing.

I believe clients can progress through therapy and be healed without years of guess-work. I work directly & to the point, compassionately embracing what is difficult & painful with gentle consideration & kindness.

I incorporate two main perspectives in the eye of my practice. The first is Psychotherapy - for the client, the art of being heard by self and other, being witnessed in the experience of the pain-body that has occurred over life, bringing in Mindfulness. 

The second perspective is the practice of cleaning up any energetic strings and attachments that are no longer needed in the energy fields. This is the work of the Shaman.

The combination creates a golden alchemy - a beautiful emergence into life.

For those who are serious about permanent genuine change.

About me

35 year personal healing journey

8 year Shamanic Practitioner 

Training with Chris Luttichau

@ Northern Drum, 2010 - CURRENT


SKYPE / Online / In Person Psychotherapist Training with Spectrum, London, 2005

Family Constellations Workshops Facilitator, 

Individuals & Couples - Professional Training

with Judith Hemming

@ Centre for Systemic Constellations, London, 2012

Getting Help

Reaching out for help can be a life-changing decision. If you're struggling and feel alone in your struggle, asking for support can be an empowering decision. 




Self Esteem




Anger Management


Nadia has helped me turn my life around for the better. I am full of gratitude towards her as I don’t think I would be in this newer authentic position without her patience and guidance. It feels like I have a mentor and guide to help me rediscover my emotions and navigate my path in the world. 

Laura M , Yoga Instructor, age 36